About Us

At One-Step Automation, we understand that efficiency exists to meet growing demand, and we strive to perfect that efficiency, evolving alongside an increasingly competitive market.

One-Step is a family-owned business that specializes in automated seed processing solutions, but we also serve customers in water and wastewater and various manufacturing industries.

We know the struggles of modern businesses, modern farms whose costs consistently increase while margins decrease, and we know this because we listen to our customers. We get to know who they are. We hear about their day to day, their successes and their struggles, the pain points they endure. It’s why we specifically develop our innovative technologies to be what they are.

At One-Step, our customers are our greatest collaborators; they’re our partners. When they say, “it would be really great if I could do this or that,” we’re already thinking of how we could develop a cutting-edge technology that shores up your inefficiencies while helping you achieve affordable scalability.

So, whether you want to increase productivity, integrate with other systems, reduce human error, increase safety, or simply increase your margins, One-Step constantly strives to improve upon what was done in the past and design state-of-the-art automated systems that make it easy for you and your business.